Are you tired of the same old channel conversations that take place at channel conferences year after year? Channel veteran and entrepreneur Dave Sobel sure is! He’s the guest on this super fun podcast where he insists on asking challenging, stimulating, controversial questions. The type of questions that everyone is afraid to ask. Why? As he puts it, where there’s mystery, there’s margin. Dave is the founder of MSP Radio, host of the Business of Tech podcast, and co-host of the Killing IT podcast. We talk about these questions and explore the channel challenges and opportunities coming from three disruptive trends in 2020. 


Channel Disruptors in 2020. These are five hot topics that we in the channel should be talking about, but just aren’t. 

  1. Big Tech and Ethics
  2. Regulation for Big Tech
  3. Real security threats 
  4. Voice as a User Interface 
  5. Tying Business Outcomes to Business Mission and Ethics


I want to start asking really hard questions. Like really difficult, intellectually stimulating, but challenging questions, partly because I've always said, in mystery, there's margin. @djdaveet Click To Tweet I think there's something wrong when an Amazon employee with a CompTIA certification pays more in actual taxes than Amazon the company @djdaveet Click To Tweet I really think that there is something here - helping customers be ethical, handling their customers data in a way that is core to their values and drives their business forward from that perspective. @djdaveet Click To Tweet


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