Think you know what it takes to become more influential? To find out, I interviewed Janet Schijns, CEO of the JS Group and winner of the Channel Partners 2019 Channel Influencer of the Year award.  We talk about social influence and why it’s hugely important for your personal and professional brand. Janet shares the three steps she took to build her influence and win the Channel Partners award leveraging her social media strategy.


Successful social media is a mindset. It can be uncomfortable at first but change nearly always is. You need to have some fun with it and you need a plan.  Here are the three key elements of your social media plan:

1. Build Trust.
  • People will not trust someone who works for a vendor, or a partner, or any company in the technology spectrum that is only posting their company’s pre-canned information. That should be no more than 20% of your content.
  • A lot of trust comes from being purposeful about building what your brand platform is going to be as a person, not as a company. 
  • Conversations happen at a personal level. Your social media should reflect your purpose and your values.
2. Be known.
  • Where most people start to fail is in routinely posting content and engaging with others. They have the best intentions and for a day or two. And then on day three, they just they just run out of steam and then they don’t post for three weeks and then they wonder why they’re not doing better.
  • Many people cannot or do not want to be continuously posting, or they just simply don’t have the time. A good way to get around this is to hire someone who can learn your tone and brand, and make those posts and interactions for you.
  • A good way to measure your digital influence is to look at connections to influencers. If you have a lot of connections but no connections to influencers, that’s a negative. 
3. Be Part of the Conversation
  • Participation is a key factor. Interacting with clients and customers on their posts and on comments they make on yours is key.
  • Having a successful social media presence means being able to watch a hashtag as it is going on in the moment. You can be relevant in a conversation taking place at a trade show, for example, without even being there.


When we really define influence, we say, if you were to post something or put something online or engage online, who's listening to you, and what action are they taking? And that's what makes you an influencer. -@ChannelSmart Click To Tweet Your number of connections is something that makes you feel good. What really matters is that you have trusted people that know you and they're going to bring you in the conversation. - @ChannelSmart Click To Tweet In the new world, marketing is much more important than sales. Marketing is the tip of the spear. It's no longer arts and crafts. It's the science and the data of how your company succeeds.-@ChannelSmart Click To Tweet


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