This episode marks the one year anniversary of Channel Journeys! I’m honored to welcome Tiffani Bova, the growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce and one of the top influencers in IT as my guest. Driving consistent channel growth in this era of digital transformation requires new ways of thinking. Tiffani is a thought leader on the topic of business growth and innovation. We discuss 5 paths to channel growth, applying the strategies from her bestselling book Growth IQ. You’ll learn that the path to growth is never about doing just one thing. Successful companies execute a combination of Growth IQ paths in a well thought out sequence.


These 5 channel growth paths can be used in combination very effectively. Just make sure you apply them in a logical sequence.  


The question is not whether you should have partners. The question today is, what kind of partner do you need? Do you need an ISV partner? Do you need a resale partner? Do you need an integration partner? Do you need a referral partner? You may need all of these types. As business models evolve, we have to continue looking at new partner models.


Many vendors have a protectionist, shortsighted view that prevents them from partnering with companies perceived as competitors. Zero-sum game thinking prevents companies from achieving faster growth. You have to believe that 1 + 1 = 3. And you have to take the customer’s perspective. Figure out what and who it takes to provide the end-to-end solution that gives your customers the business outcome they are seeking. 


Market acceleration is about expanding into new markets with existing products. Leveraging local sales and delivery partners is an excellent way to open new markets without the heavy investment of doing everything yourself. But first you have to make sure you have everything in place to support those partners. Do you have your website and documentation translated? Can you provide product support? Do you have partner enablement resources?


Product expansion is about selling new products into existing markets. Leveraging partners to build new offerings on top of your product or platform allow you and your partners to both focus on what you do best. Salesforce does a great job of this with their app exchange program.  


Streamlining your sales efforts to increase productivity can be even more effective than adding more sales resources. In the channel, look for ways to automate the administrative tasks that can consume over 60% of your channel manager’s time. 


The path to growth is not one thing. It isn't just partnerships. It isn't just competition. It isn't just customer experience. It isn't just getting better about selling. It's all of them. @Tiffani_Bova Click To Tweet …I put customer experience at the front of Growth IQ because behind every decision you make should be a customer. @Tiffani_Bova Click To Tweet Growth has less to do with your sales process or what you're selling. It has everything to do with how your customers feel when they engage with you. @Tiffani_Bova Click To Tweet


What do you think the partner of 2023 or 2025 is going to look like? Let Tiffani know by connecting with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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